gandi flex updates

Gandi Updates Gandi Flex; Adds Advanced Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling

Domain name registrar and cloud-hosting provider Gandi today announced that its calendar-based scheduling engine for cloud computing instances, Gandi Flex, has been updated to allow organizations to schedule needs for RAM, bandwidth and CPU power. This new interface to cloud computing gives the savvy administrator an edge in cost control. – Thomas Stocking, COO, Gandi U.S. The news comes a few days after Gandi launched its new Pay-as-you-go billing and management model for its IaaS products. The updated scheduler allows  organizations to handle anticipated and cyclical spikes in usage  with hourly granularity with  recurrence schedules built in. This lets  users like e-commerce site administrators,  SaaS providers, software developers etc. to keep the cost of running their instances low. A...

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