eNom & DreamHost to Work Together on the New gTLDs

ICANN accredited wholesale registrar eNom, Inc. and web hosting and cloud storage provider DreamHost today announced a strategic partnership. The new gTLD domain name extensions launching this year, including .web, .shop, and even .ninja, are exciting opportunities to build new brands and web channels for customers, and eNom enables us to deliver the whole enchilada! – Simon Anderson, CEO, DreamHost. The news comes just two days ahead of DreamCon, DreamHost’s first user conference starting on August 2nd. With the new partnership,DreamHost will now utilize the eNom reseller platform to manage its existing domain name business and new gTLDs as they become available. To support the release of new domain extensions,  eNom will begin to promote DreamHost’s services through its retail busi...

WHMCS Announces Integration of eNom New TLD portal in Version 5.2.3

eNom, Inc., an ICANN accredited wholesale registrar and WHMCS, a billing and support solutions company, have  announced the inclusion of eNom’s new TLD program in the recently launched WHMCS Version 5.2.3 software. This update will allow WHMCS users the unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of the initial phases of the new TLD launch, including the Sunrise and Landrush periods. A while back, WHMCS announced the release of WHMCS Version 5.2. “We are an advocate and true believer in the introduction of new TLDs, as it will change how the world uses the Web, Our partnership with eNom demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of this new digital endeavor.“ said Aaron Phillips, vice president of business development for WHMCS. No matter who you are, as long...

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