“DNSSEC Will Become a Standard Part of Any Offering Over time,” Dr. Burt Kaliski, Verisign

Change has been constant in almost every facet of life throughout the past, and technology industry is no exception. There is no uniformity in technology; it keeps on developing, improving, re-inventing itself, and in the process also changing the way it diffuses across the society. It’s always a pleasant sight to have people and organizations that support, facilitate and ensure adoption of these changes. If not for them, we’d still be stuck in the world of dial-up internet, huge computers, and rotary dial telephones. Heck, we wouldn’t even have been able to reach that world itself. And Verisign is one such organization. Through its efforts to ensure operational deployment of DANE, DNNSEC , IPv6 and many more protocols/products that seek to replace the traditional systems in place to...

Binero secures one in ten Swedish domains against pharming

Swedish hosting provider Binero has DNSSEC-signed all customer .se-domains, increasing the total amount of signed .se-domains from 5000 to more than 100 000. Nearly one in ten Swedish domains are now validated against attacks with manipulated dns-information, like pharming. Binero offers the DNSSEC-validation free of charge and becomes the second largest provider in the world for DNSSEC-signed domains. The aspiration is for more actors to follow this example in order to secure the entire .se-zone. – DNSSEC-validation will not gain general acceptance as long as it is offered by few, often at an additional cost. At Binero we want to do better than that, so we offer all our customers DNSSEC-validation free of charge for domains registered through us. We hope our industry colleagues will follo...

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