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Indian Web Host MilesWeb Launches New Range of Dedicated Servers

Indian Web Hosting provider MilesWeb today launched two new range of dedicated server offerings. MilesWeb launched its dedicated server hosting services in India in the beginning of this year. By introducing these new range of low cost dedicated servers, our main target are customers who have outgrown from shared and virtualized environment and need dedicated hosting services at an affordable cost. – Neha Khanna, Business Head, MilesWeb. The technical specs of the i3-540 and i3 2100 range include an Intel Dual Core i3-540 processor with 4 GB RAM and 1 x 500 GB SATA HDD. The X3430 range has an Intel Quad Core Xeon processor with 4 GB RAM and 2 x 500 GB SATA HDD with RAID 1. Milesweb says i3-540 server is priced at Rs. 9500/mo, i3 2100 server at Rs. 10,500/mo  and X3430 at Rs 12500/mo. The n...

ZNet Launches NodeFirst To Provide Dedicated Hosting Services

ZNet, the leading web-hosting architect of Asian market, continuing on its spree to provide new platforms and ventures to customers, launched NodeFirst on Wednesday, to provide dedicated hosting services. NodeFirst will provide enterprise-grade servers at its Mumbai located datacenter to a wide pool of clients and hosting services providers offering VPS Hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting  & reseller hosting services. “We are extremely ecstatic to announce the launch of our new venture-NodeFirst” –said Munesh Jadoun, CEO, NodeFirst . Contemplating, he also pressed on the necessity of efficient data centers in today’s age. “Data centers made their major appearance in India in min 1990s, and back then they were looked as mere ‘technological fancies’ rather than an essential business r...

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