david jilk standing cloud ceo

“Automating IaaS takes a lot of vision.”- Dave Jilk,Standing Cloud

Very recently, we covered the news of Standing Cloud providing a platform to Cloud Provider BV for launching hosted cloud applications, and SingleHop launching Hosted Cloud Apps built on their platform, and SetSeed CMS launching a new hosted cloud solution built on their platform AND Blue River partnering with them to develop MuraCloud , AND Liferay expanding cloud hosting options with them! Phew! Yes, the company has been on fire lately. What makes all these developments in a short span of time more exciting is the fact that Standing Cloud is only a 3 year old company; with mere 20 employees. 2o employees who make this company stand out from the rest. So without further ado, over to Mr. Dave Jilk, CEO and founder, Standing Cloud, as he talks about IT Singularity, the recent developments i...

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