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Understanding Role of Code Signing Certificates in Mobile Application Security

Mobile Applications have met with wide acceptance globally, thanks to their easy installation, streamlined interface, great user experience, and the ability to download them  easily via online and offline stores. They lower the technical barriers and offer a simple and enjoyable user experience. Mobile application has become a giant business in the last few years,  and is still growing,  opening multiple doors of opportunities for software developers. Customers spend a fairly good amount of money on mobile applications because although there is no dearth of  free applications out there, they come with a trial period. In 2012, it is estimated that consumers spent approx. 14 billion dollars on downloading mobile applications. A number as big as that indicates a rapid evolution of  mobile app...

What is a Code Signing Certificate and How Does it Work?

There is a common misconception that Security certificates are  just for Web servers. Many certificates, and code-signing certificates in particular can be useful in a plethora of fields; they can make your enterprise more secure, make your software more accepted, and even stop malware in its tracks. A Code Signing Certificate is a technology which includes the process of validation for publishers of software, content, code, and scripts based on a digital signature to authenticate their identities to web users. In addition to identifying the identity of the publisher, code signing also protects the code from being tampered with. How to get a Code Signing Certificate? Code Signing Certificates depend on a digital signature technology, which is issued by an internationally trusted third part...

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