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Cloudant Integrates BigCouch Code Into the Open Source Apache CouchDB Project

Globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider Cloudant   today announced integration of  its CouchDB NoSQL database, known as BigCouch,  to the open source Apache CouchDB project. The merging of   BigCouch code into the CouchDB codebase will make it possible to manage and replicate data with CouchDB at a much larger scale. Cloudant will now stop development of BigCouch but continue to make cluster-scaling and fault-tolerance enhancements within the CouchDB project and will reuse that code in Cloudant’s database service. The news comes a few months after Cloudant raised $12 million in series B funding from Devonshire Investors,  Rackspace Hosting  and Toba Capital. We’re merging the horizontal scaling and fault-tolerance framework we built for BigCouch into CouchDB so people c...

Joyent Cloud Platform Now Offers Cloudant Database as a Service

Cloudant, provider of a globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS), yesterday announced the company’s service is now available on the Joyent high-performance cloud platform to deliver a finely tuned database technology stack. Joyent designs and drives innovation into its public cloud using unique OS-based virtualization called SmartOS, which is optimized to support high-scalability applications for cloud computing. Cloudant’s move to the Joyent public cloud builds on the company’s April 2012 partnership with Joyent, marking the initial availability of Cloudant’s NoSQL DBaaS on Joyent. Today, the two companies are also launching a new multi-tenant Cloudant cluster running in the Joyent East Coast data center. Dedicated Cloudant clusters will be available in every Joyent data c...

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