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ZNetLive Unveils Cloud Shared Hosting and CloudNet Servers with Build Your Own Cloud Server tool

Asian Web Hosting provider  ZNetLive  today announced the launch of ZNetLive CloudNet server and ZNetLive Cloud Shared Hosting. The news coincides with  the launch of ZNetLive SSD Hosting services. ZnetLive’s CloudNet servers are based on 2.0GHz (or faster) processor, come with customer’s  choice of operating system, access to multiple image templates for fast deployment and leverage Flex Images  technology. Flex Images  image management and deployment system lets customers scale their cloud according to their real-time demand. A customer can scale up his cloud resources if he sees a sudden spike in traffic and scale down when the traffic recedes, thus paying only for his  temporary cloud utilization rather than purchasing a permanent surplus of expensive, in-house hardware. Our CloudNet S...

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