cloud hosting ceo interviews

“OnApp Storage Grows as the Service Provider’s Cloud Grows”- Kosten Metreweli, OnApp

On 8 August 2011, the then $2.7 billion valued CDN market changed irreversibly. OnApp, a one year London based cloud platform at that time, grabbed the CDN market out of the hands of the big players and opened it up at prices so nominal that no one could’ve imagined. Using spare cloud capacity of hosts around the globe to provide CDN PoPs, OnApp got rid of the mammoth investment that was earlier needed to build new infrastructure. Starting with 40, OnApp now has over 150 PoPs across 40 countries in a short span of 18 months. With the recently rolled out OnApp Cloud v3.0, the latest version of its cloud platform for service providers, OnApp has established itself as a software builder which develops new features at an aggressive pace and whose progress is to be watched out for. DHN go...

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