Cloud data centers

Vertical Bridge and DataBank synergize efforts to build micro-data centers

Vertical Bridge Holdings, LLC – the largest private owner and operator of communication infrastructure, USA, and DataBank Ltd. – leading provider of data center solutions, recently announced a partnership to build micro datacenters at the base of communication towers to add edge computing capacity. Both the companies are governed by Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, which is a leading provider of cell towers and communication infrastructure. The transformation of voice, data and video to wireless delivery has considerably increased the traffic on wireless network architectures. Traditional wireless architectures have a cloud interface at either city or regional level. This not only increases the cost but latency as well. The partnership will reduce the distance data has to travel between mobil...

Digital core and edge computing technologies can help in building the datacenter of tomorrow

Digital Transformation (DX) has resulted in an increase in the data volume generated by the organizations. Huge expansion of data can be seen across a wide range of industry verticals, including healthcare, biotech, energy, IoT (Internet of Things), automotive, telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, gaming, entertainment, space exploration, cyber-security and more. This has led to an increase in the data storage requirements and hence, there’s an increasing pressure that the data centers must evolve to accommodate the demands of the new-world organizations. Now, when the industries evolve, there are a number of new industry specific terms that are coined and become a part of day to day industry terminology. One such term that has been heard lately a lot in the datacenter industry is...

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