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“We intend to build full-featured IT infrastructure solutions for SMBs”-Sergey Nevstruev, Anturis

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are growing, and with this growth, they’re changing the way they use technology to run their businesses. However, with their purse strings drawn tight and not having a clear roadmap of IT implementation, SMBs generally invest in IT in a phased manner. The problem manifolds for them as thе present market only offers solutions that are either expensive and bloated or open-source with a great need for fine-tuning and customizing. With limited knowledge of technology and their budgets tight, none of the options seem feasible for SMBs. This is where a product like Anturis comes in. Promising features at par with enterprise-level IT monitoring softwares, without the exorbitant prices that generally accompany them, Anturis sounds like a pretty solid ...

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