AWS Direct Connect

Equinix Expands AWS Direct Connect service to Seattle Data Centers SE2 and SE3

Nearly two months after announcing  availability of NetApp Private Storage for AWS in its Datacenters, Equinix  today expanded the AWS Direct Connect service to its IBX data centers in Seattle, SE2 and SE3. The announcement comes with the launch event  of Equinix’s new Washington, D.C. data center DC11. The company has released a new infographic  on the DC 11 facility drawing some very interesting analogies to show the state-of-the-art infrastructure that is in place. (Please see at the end of the post.) AWS Direct Connect helps customers reduce network costs and  increase throughput by establishing a private network connection between their infrastructure and  Amazon Web Services. By leveraging AWS Direct Connect inside Equinix data centers, customers can take advantage of the cost ...

Equinix announces availability of NetApp Private Storage for AWS in its Datacenters

Equinix, Inc.,the global interconnection and data center company, today announced availability of NetApp Private Storage for AWS in Equinix International Business Exchange data centers where AWS Direct Connect is deployed including the United States and Asia. The new solution enables organizations to leverage on-demand cloud compute services while retaining full control of their data; data remains secure on a private NetApp storage array. NetApp Private Storage for AWS allows organizations to balance private and public cloud resources to best meet their business needs. This enables companies to maintain control of their data, comply with the most stringent privacy and security standards, and deliver sub-5ms performance. Our partnership with Equinix puts NetApp in the perfect position to gi...

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