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PacHosting Launches Dedicated Virtual Center

PacHosting Launches Dedicated Virtual Center

Hong Kong hosting service provider PacHosting yesterday launched  Dedicated Virtual Center, a  new server solution which streamlines virtual machines provision and management on physical dedicated servers.

Dedicated Virtual Center allows clients to get the full control of a physical server and virtualization hypervisor at the same time. The new dedicated hosting solution is based on Dell PowerEdge Series servers and commercial hypervisor Parallels Cloud Server.

Through the Parallels Virtualization Automation (PVA) virtualization control panel, users can provision and manage multiple virtual machines and containers on a single physical server with ease. Virtual machines provide isolated server environments and containers allow users to scale the servers’ configurations on-demand.

Each virtual machine can run own operating systems and applications to meet evolving needs of enterprises.

PacHosting's Dedicated Virtual Center

Dedicated Virtual Center combines the advantages of dedicated physical server and scalable virtual servers. Some of the additional benefits and functionalities of the Dedicated Virtual Center are:

  • Users can make use of templates and ISO images to provision virtual servers.
  • Users can  flexibly apply own licenses to the hypervisor platform to clone multiple virtual servers with standard systems to significantly reduce the time and procedures in the initial setup stage.
  • Users can form internal private network through private IP to enhance security and bandwidth efficiency.
  • Server resources can be fully utilized as the hypervisor can reclaim used resources and re-assign to another server in need to maximize the productivity distribution.

Dedicated Virtual Center is available in four packages, DVC-1008, DVC-2008, DVC-3008 and DVC-4008, priced at  $1,888/Month,  $2,588/Month,  and $5,088/Month respectively.

Technical details of each plan are as shown below:

PacHosting's Dedicated Virtual Center - Prices and Plans

PacHosting is the first to introduce this service to Hong Kong  and Asian market, says the official press release.

Here is more information on PacHosting’s Dedicated Virtual Center.

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