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Juniper’s OpenContrail now Tungsten Fabric, part of The Linux Foundation

Juniper’s OpenContrail now Tungsten Fabric, part of The Linux Foundation

OpenContrail, the enterprise SDN firm led by Juniper, completed its migration to The Linux Foundation and changed its name to Tungsten Fabric (TF).

Juniper had acquired OpenContrail in December 2012 for $176 million in cash, to add SDN technology to its portfolio of services and products.

With the rebranding, Tungsten Fabric now has a new website as well. The SDN platform gained popularity because of the versatility and at-scale operation on IP network infrastructure and cloud IaaS.

Becoming a Linux Foundation project will help Tungsten Fabric to be a standardized SDN platform for cloud builders and cloud-native platform engineers.

“We are pleased create Tungsten Fabric with a neutral governance under The Linux Foundation,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, networking, The Linux Foundation. “The set up allows Tungsten Fabric to collaborate with other Linux Foundation and Networking projects. We’re looking forward to expanded collaboration across a growing software-defined ecosystem.”

TF is integrated with multiple orchestration stacks including Kubernetes, Mesos/Smack, OpenShift, OpenStack and VMware to solve the tooling complexities. It will support private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments like AWS and Azure.

A high performance vRouter included in TF enables connectivity between containers, virtual machines, bare metal applications and an orchestration controller. TF provides networking and security across legacy, virtualized, as well as containerized applications.

“This move to the LF is a critical step in Tungsten Fabric’s evolution as a ubiquitous network fabric,” said Randy Bias VP Technology and Strategy at Juniper Networks. “Tungsten Fabric’s positioning as an open source, multi-cloud, multi-stack, network fabric that has been proven at scale gives it a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between public, private, VMs, containers and bare metal. Tungsten Fabric provides choice and is committed to helping customers achieve their network and security nirvana while eliminating vendor lock-in.”

Tungsten Fabric is deployed globally by hyperscale cloud providers, Telcos and enterprises across public and private IaaS, CaaS (Communication as a Service) and PaaS environments.

Juniper provides SDN products through Juniper Contrail (commercial product). Changing the name of OpenContrail (open source project) to TF will also eliminate the market confusion between the commercial product and the open source project.

Furthermore, a new functionality that will allow orchestration of Ethernet VPN in datacenter network fabrics, is under development.

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The Tungsten Fabric is already a major SDN project. The rebranding and becoming a Linux Foundation project will bring it to the enterprises and the edge.

AT&T, Bell, Cavium, CertusNet, Intel, Juniper, Lenovo, Netronome, TechTrueUp and Yandex are the major companies contributing and using the Tungsten Fabric.

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