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Nexpand – Legrand’s new configure-to-order cabinet platform for data centers


The global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand, recently introduced its new data center cabinet platform, Nexpand, which is flexible, sturdy, and secure for housing data center devices. It offers scalability and has a future-proof architecture that will support the rise in digital transitions, Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity, 5G services, edge computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

The new IT cabinet solution is the result of substantial design advances made over a two-year period of Legrand’s R&D efforts and multiple customer input sessions so that it meets data center demands now and in the future.

“Legrand’s innovations are predicated on delivering solutions to our customers in the most efficient manner possible,” said Saman Berookhim, Product Manager, Legrand. “The Nexpand cabinet honors this philosophy by offering a single, configure-to-order platform that will enable our customers to easily scale as needed in a robust and configurable manner.”

The four fundamental values that Nexpand platform is built on are:

1. Smart – The cabinet’s interior is designed to be adjustable in three dimensions, with a completely modular roof. The intelligent design offers more space and flexibility to manage top-of-rack infrastructure.

2. Solid – The new design has lightweight, solid doors in a frame capable of easily bearing the IT equipment load, with a fully integrated locking and cabling system, unique to the marketplace.

3. Secure – Nexpand offers top level security by interfacing with the most secure electronic door locking platforms that includes high-security cable management integrated into the door and tamper-proof door mechanisms.

4. Sustainable – The design of the new cabinet ensures optimal airflow management, providing best-in-class, energy-efficient solution. Nexpand is also produced and assembled with environment-friendly materials using a Profile Environmental/Eco Passport.

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