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At Community by NASSCOM Insights, we talk about the latest insights from the global and Indian technology industry across different verticals and categories. In case you have missed, signing-up to one of the largest tech community in India, here’s your fortnightly dose of what happened in the technology arena in the last two weeks.



Bionic Organizations and their Inhouse Centers [IBM India & SouthAsia]
Recently, NASSCOM organized an event under GCC conclave 2021, to discuss the art of combining human collaboration and talent with data and digital platforms. The event was titled “Building a Bionic Organization: Human Creativity with Technology” where my colleague from IBM, Mayur Ghurki, was empaneled to provide a service provider’s point of view. This article is a reflection of my thoughts on the topic….[read more]

The Embedded System Paradigm for Digital Transformation[QuEST Global]
To say that digital transformation is more an imperative today than a “good to have” is a no brainer. However, one of the critical elements that determines the success of any digital transformation initiative is reliable and consistent data acquisition and delivery to the service backend. In most of the cases, the correctness of data and the speed at which it is delivered in a cost optimized way becomes the most important factor…[read more]

Federated Learning for Data security and Privacy in AI [QuEST Global]
The article talks about the concept of federated learning and how it can help address the issues of data ownership and privacy at a time when majority of applications and services are data driven, across the domains of healthcare, automotive, finance and consumer electronics. ..[read more]
Love it or hate it, video conversations are here to stay [Uniphore India]
Artificial The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the way people work. One of these changes include increased use of video conferencing as a mean to communicate with each other. From allowing businesses to continue operating to enabling consumers to stay connected despite being physically apart – we have witnessed the widespread adoption of video conversations around the globe….[read more]
Cloud-Based Innovative Collabration [Infosys Ltd]
Remote working has succeeded so far thanks to the cloud. But it can be better, and businesses shouldn’t simply replicate traditional working practices online. A true transformation is required to empower employees and realize the benefits of cloud-native working… ..[read more]
Enabling Sustainability through Cloud : Zero Waste, Zero Emissions and Zero Inequality [SAP]
Just a few weeks ago a scientific report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – or IPCC – made it very clear: human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and irreversible ways. The report called climate change a “code red for humanity”, saying that unless we act now, we are heading for a catastrophe. We are not short of evidence that we are, indeed, heading for a catastrophe. The amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is at the highest level in more than 4 million years. 2020 was the joint warmest year globally and the last six years were the warmest on record. In another 7 years, global warming could be irreversible. We have very little time to act….[read more]
Communicating with Software Developers without Being Untangled[Kovair Software]
Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the recent past, and it is continuing its successful run. The future seems to be very promising and bright for software developers as IT is growing rapidly. Development is one of the dynamic fields, and it requires utmost patience, time, effort, and that we all know, but one of the mission points here is communication. Communication can make a huge difference in software development, and we will discuss this further in detail….[read more]
Unearthing Contextual Digital Transformation [Ramco Systems]
If you were to communicate about any industry, I am sure it will be replete with a few buzzwords. In the enterprise product parlance, some of the oft-repeated words include RPA, AI, ML, Blockchain, IoT, among others. It creates a classic top-of-the-mind awareness about these technologies and one can only assume that deploying these will perhaps resolve automation issues at the workplace or reduce the overhead of administrative tasks….[read more]
Last Mile Delivery: Managing Speed and Control with IoT[TCS]
Last Mile Delivery: Managing Speed and Control with IoT All residents in the 130-apartment housing complex I live in are connected through a social app. We have seen a huge spike in online orders and home deliveries since the COVID-19 outbreak. We notify other residents on the app, when a delivery is missed or items delivered to the wrong address. On an average, three to four deliveries go missing every week.. ..[read more]
Digital or Death: Building New-Age Capabilities for Human Centric Innovation [L&T Technology Services]
Have you ever tried putting on your shoes in hurry, only to realize that you had them the other way on? In case you have, take heart from the fact that over the last 200 odd years millions have shared in the faux pas – thanks to the enterprising William Young of Philadelphia, who introduced differentiated left and right shoes way back in 1817….[read more]
Sustainable Metro Railway Service for Urban India[Colliers]
The current plan to build metro systems in 50 cities, inspired by the political leadership, allows India to shape its urban areas banking on the significance of urban rail. Introduction – Technological advancement characterizes the rapid urbanization in the 21st century in developing countries. Research suggests that the urban population in developing countries would grow by five million per month on average over the next four decades, comprising 95% of the global urban growth. Developing countries like India, also not far away from such advancement, where the Urban population growth will be the critical factor.. ..[read more]
Difference between Chatbot and Virtual Assistant [C-Zentrix]
With the advent of intelligent machines and new software arriving; a chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Also known as, ‘Conversational Agents’, a chatbot simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats, or both…[read more]
Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain [BlumeGlobal]
International supply chains are some of the most interdependent and complex processes that happen between businesses. Even small, incremental technology changes can have a big impact when magnified across the entire supply chain. It’s no surprise then that major new technologies can revolutionize how suppliers, manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers and others work together….[read more]
Managing Enterprise Mobility Through Mobile Device Management [HughesSystique]
Many employees worldwide use their personal mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) for both official and leisure purposes. According to a Deloitte survey, 42% of German employees use their personal smartphones to do official work. It is because, generally, it’s easier to perform certain tasks remotely via a mobile device…..[read more]



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