Legrand becomes iMasons Founding Partner for France and launches French Chapter

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Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures, today launched the very first iMasons French Chapter at the leadership summit for critical IT infrastructures Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco. The official opening was done by Frédéric Xerri, Legrand’s Executive VP for Europe, who held his opening speech outlining the objectives of the French Chapter and Legrand’s decision to steer the local iMasons (iM) France Chapter as Founding Partner.

The mission of iM is to unite the builders of the digital age by creating the platform for members to connect, grow and give back. The data center industry is key for the French economy, as it is an enabler for the digital age. In the United States, the iM Group is very well respected, and now beginning to grow in Europe. Given local legislation, language, and geographical distance it became evident that there is a desire to establish a French Chapter where peers from all over France can interact, learn, and exchange ideas of how to create more efficient data centers and reduce the impact on the environment. Legrand, offering high-value-added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings, now aims to link as many French professionals together using iMason as their platform.

Commenting on the new initiative between Legrand and iM Xerri says: iMasons beliefs to connect, grow and give back is synonymous with those of Legrand. We connect by staying close to our customers, we grow through employee enablement and training, and we give back through the development of buildings with a view to promoting progress for the communities around us. We believe Legrand can offer iM members a lot of experience and we can learn so much from them too.”

As the founding partner of the French Chapter, Legrand’s aim is to unite the French professionals working in digital infrastructure and to address issues specific to the French market. The company will hold a number of workshops through the year inviting French professional to attend and share their ideas and concerns.

As such the pledge of Frédéric Xerri to his audience of senior data center experts is: “We must bring in as many French professionals as possible to IM French Chapter so they can all share their knowledge and empower others with their experiences. Legrand will do the same by sharing our experiences worldwide and offer a matching solution offering.”

In September, a plan has been formulated to host a very important French Chapter dinner to discuss more around the challenges in France for the Data Center Infrastructure. Input from the industry is still very much welcomed to ensure maximum return on investment for its participants.

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