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Google Self Driving cars Got Green Light In California

Google Self Driving cars Got Green Light In California

Google self driving cars are allowed to locomote on California’s roads as signed a SB1298 bill for the same. Google, Caltech and other organizations have been working to develop such vehicles, which use radar, video cameras and lasers to navigate on roads and stay safe in traffic without human assistance. Following Nevada and Florida, California is the third state to allow the self driving cars to run freely on the roads.

The signing event was held at the Google complex in Mountain View, Calif, where engineers have been working on Driverless Car Concept for years and using them to commute to and from work.

“We are looking at science fiction becoming reality in a self-driving car,” Brown said. “These vehicles have the potential to avoid accidents.… We can save lives, create jobs and reduce congestion,” said Google co-founder Sergey Brin. “I expect that self-driving cars will be far safer than human driven cars.”

The bill, SB1298, sponsored by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), establishes guidelines for autonomous vehicles to be tested and operated in California.

“We are stepping on the accelerator when it comes to the Google car,” Padilla said.

Human error causes most traffic accidents and autonomous technology can reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on California’s roads, he said.

Padilla believes self-driving cars also will improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles, reduce emissions and enable cars to talk to one another to improve traffic flow.

Self-driving cars must legally have a person at the wheel, ready to assume control if anything goes wrong.

The bill does the following:

* Sets up safety and performance standards for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on California’s public roads

* Allows for the operation of autonomous vehicles on California’s public roads by a licensed driver

* Requires that an autonomous vehicle meet all applicable safety standards and performance requirements in state and federal law

* Allows the Highway Patrol, in consultation with the Department of Motor Vehicles, to recommend to the Legislature additional requirements for the safe operation of such vehicles on California’s roads

Last year, similar legislation was signed into law in Nevada. In addition, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma are considering autonomous-vehicle legislation.

Earlier this year, Google’s Self Driving car Project soars to new heights by traveling 300,000 miles of safe and comfortable testing.

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