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Firefox 69 enables Enhanced Tracking Protection by default

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Enhanced Tracking Protection

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox browser in order to strengthen the security and privacy for users.

The Foundation quietly made announcement last week in a blogpost. With release of Firefox version 69, Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) will be turned on by default for all users, which will block the third-party tracking cookies and crypto mining.

Mozilla started its Enhanced Tracking Protection in June as an optional feature, but this was limited to new users only. The company has finally made it available to all the users worldwide.

“With today’s release, we expect to provide protection for 100% of ours users by default. Enhanced Tracking Protection works behind-the-scenes to keep a company from forming a profile of you based on their tracking of your browsing behavior across websites — often without your knowledge or consent,” Marissa Wood, vice president of product at Mozilla explained in the post.

“Those profiles and the information they contain may then be sold and used for purposes you never knew or intended. Enhanced Tracking Protection helps to mitigate this threat and puts you back in control of your online experience,” she added.

Users will see a shield icon in the address bar when Enhanced Tracking Protection is enabled. If users want to track the companies that are blocked by Mozilla, they can simply click on the shield icon, navigate to the Content Blocking section, and then click on Blocking Tracking Cookies right next to Cookies.

Another new capability is a Script Mode, that will protect from fingerprint scripts. Users don’t want to run their fingerprint scripts on their browsers because these can include the computer configurations. Script Mode will be available by default in the future release.

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