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Doble Group Announces Special Turn-key Packages Through Year End

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 19, 2011 –  The Doble Group, a consulting firm that focuses on improving business results through the implementation of CRM and Performance Management solutions and the alignment of its teams and processes for success, announced that it is offering special pricing on turn-key Salesforce CRM Packages and Rackspace Cloud Computing Packages through the end of this year.

In order to help companies finish 2011 well and start 2012 on the right foot, Doble Group is offering special pricing on two editions of the world’s leading sales automation tool, Salesforce CRM. The Professional Edition Implementation is priced at $5,000, and the Enterprise Edition is priced at $8,000. This special promotion allows customers to know the full cost of their Salesforce implementation with no budgetary surprises or negotiations necessary. All one has to do to get these specially priced packages is purchase them prior to year-end; go to  for package details.

Cloud computing offers a phenomenal alternative when capital resources are scarce and a larger amount of technological resources are required to undertake critical projects that drive business success. Doble Group and Rackspace are joining forces to offer clients the best-in-class technological resources that can be adapted to businesses and budgets of any size by offering two specially priced Rackspace Editions. A Basic package is available for $3,500, and an Advanced package is available for $8,000.

With over 23 years of hands-on experience, Doble Group offers practical performance management solutions that make it possible for customers to achieve increased productivity by aligning business processes with the right technologies. The company provides world-leading CRM and Performance Management technologies with the scalability to meet the needs of both small and large enterprises while offering seamless integration capabilities with existing systems. Doble Group’s cloud applications significantly accelerate deployment time and reduce IT costs, helping clients be more competitive and agile.

About The Doble Group, LLC
Doble Group combines sales performance improvement consulting with cloud computing technologies to improve business results for companies throughout the US, Central American the Caribbean region and Latin America. The company understands the importance of delivering and supporting integrated, end-to-end solutions for customers and is uniquely qualified to deliver these services through hands-on experience.

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