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Cypago raises $13M and unveils its revolutionary Cyber GRC Automation platform

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Cypago unveiled its groundbreaking Cyber GRC Automation (CGA) platform, marking a pivotal moment in the GRC sector as it effectively connects management, security, and operations teams. This significant development comes on the heels of Cypago securing $13 million in funding, led by Entrée Capital, Axon Ventures, and Jump Capital, alongside notable angel investors, including Ariel Maislos, Prof. Ehud Weinstein, and Ofir Shalvi.

Pioneering the GRC domain, the company was established by Arik Solomon, a former executive at EY, and Yahav Peri, a cybersecurity expert and former officer in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Cypago’s CGA platform is meticulously crafted to empower organizations with the ability to automate and streamline their progressively complex Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) procedures that are essential for operational upkeep.

The increasing volume of cybersecurity regulations aimed at safeguarding business and customer data has led to a surge in standards and certifications, posing a challenge for companies to manage effectively. In the year 2022, over 40 states in the United States introduced 250 bills exclusively focused on cybersecurity. This trend is expected to persist and intensify, particularly as the White House unveils its strategic roadmap for a cybersecurity implementation plan.

The groundbreaking Cypago Cyber GRC Automation (CGA) platform merges SaaS architecture with cutting-edge analysis and correlation engines—GenAI and NLP-based automation. This amalgamation ensures comprehensive coverage across all security frameworks and IT environments, encompassing both cloud-based and on-premises systems. Cypago CGA elevates security and GRC maturity by introducing seamless cross-functional workflows. The Cypago CGA platform offers an array of automation templates designed for various frameworks, such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to incorporate custom frameworks to suit individual needs.

Moreover, the Cypago CGA platform provides no-code automated workflows tailored for evidence collection, ongoing control monitoring, identification of gaps, and their rectification. These workflows capitalize on simple integrations with current technology stacks, establishing a centralized vantage point for overseeing, managing, and implementing IT and security requisites. This empowers GRC management, security, and operations teams to reduce operational challenges and bolster the Cyber GRC initiative’s effectiveness. Simultaneously, it reinforces trust with both customers and stakeholders.

“Traditionally, running cyber GRC processes has been a manual, fragmented, and time-consuming process,” said Arik Solomon, Co-Founder & CEO of Cypago. “As the risk of cyber threats continues to rise, the volume and complexity of security-related GRC obligations grow, adding to the burden over time. This diverts valuable attention from cybersecurity teams, which should be focused on enhancing their business’ security. Non-compliance with GRC mandates can result in costly fines, erode customer trust, and even major data breaches. We’re excited to lead the way in cyber GRC automation, saving organizations countless hours of manual work, improving collaboration with adjacent teams and stakeholders, and allowing them to focus on their core strengths.”

“The Cypago CGA platform is transforming the way companies approach GRC processes,” said Adi Gozes, a partner at Entrée Capital. “By automating and streamlining the implementation of security standards, Cypago liberates enterprises from the cumbersome and resource-intensive nature of these processes, paving the way for a safer future where GRC requirements transcend mere checkbox compliance. We are delighted to be partnering with Cypago as they drive forward improvements in GRC practices, ensuring organizations can navigate the complex landscape of compliance with ease and confidence.”

Cypago is already helping leading companies like Check Point, Hippo, Operative, MTX, and Trigo navigate the choppy waters of GRC processes.

“Cypago simplified and streamlined our compliance process. We are able to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations thanks to its powerful integration capabilities,” said Itay Semel, Head of Security & Compliance at Check Point.

With the closing of its recent funding round, Cypago will grow its R&D and product teams and expand its go-to-market team as it further develops its presence in North America and the EU.

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