The Current State of Drupal in 2017

Drupal is a free, open source Content Management System (CMS) platform used world-wide for building and supporting websites. It’s popularity is based primarily on its many features, flexibility, and ease of use. This infographic from Appnovation Technologies is intended to provide statistics about the “current” state of Drupal, detailing where and why it is most used, it’s most downloaded modules and more. The Drupal community’s commitment to the open source spirit pushes the Drupal project forward every day and these numbers continue to increase.

Infographic – iPhone in Numbers – 10 Year Anniversary

One of the world’s most popular and loved mobile phones – iPhone, is very close to completing a decade. Since its launch on 29th June, 2007 iPhone has attracted huge positive customer response making it one of the most desirable and shipped products worldwide. From its striking physical design to rich software and brand value, there are many reasons why people love iPhone. But, there are some mysteries and unknown facts behind its successful decade-long existence. Like, iPhone was not the first choice as the name or the standard time in all iPhone ads is 9.41. Know this and more through the following infographic.

Infographic – Evolution of Drupal From Drop To Top

The most popular open-source content management system – Drupal, has been a great help for many developers and organizations worldwide. What started as a simple hobby soon evolved out to be a full-fledged CMS platform helping millions of organizations create useful websites and applications with complete flexibility, security and versatility. What led to the development of Drupal? Or how was born? Learn this and more interesting facts through the following infographic, that covers its journey from drop to top:

Infographic – Things you probably didn’t know about WWW, domain and hosting

Internet has undeniably become one of the essentialities of everyone’s life. From simple TLDs to generic-TLDs many things have been added in the realm of internet. Organizations have started realizing the role of domain names and its importance for setting an online business. But, very few are aware of its history and some major facts surrounding the entire concept. The following infographic will take you through some fascinating facts and history of domains, internet and www:

An Inforgraphic: How to Keep Your Internet Usage Private

It is no secret that our Internet activity is anything but private. Email, chats, videos, photos, file transfers, social networking details, and more can all be accessed at any given time. In fact, today’s internet giants are known to make our data available: AOL, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others have been reported to monitor our usage. Alternatively, there are service provides and tools that claim to keep your information and usage data private., a web hosting comparison site, lists some in the infographic below:

An Infographic: 15 Interesting Facts About the .net TLD

.net TLD recently surpassed 15 million .net domains registered globally, making it one of the most popular domain extensions on the Internet today.  To mark this momentous occasion, Verisign, the operator of the infrastructure for a portfolio of top-level domains including .net and .com, pulled together 15 facts about .net, which go as follows: 15 Facts About .net: 1: Almost 139,000 domains registered in other top-level domains (TLDs) immediately forward to the same name, but as a .net site. 2: The first domain name to ever exist was a .net. While the first domain name to be registered was the now famous, it is a lesser known fact that the very first domain name ever to exist was was created by the registry with the same name as the first Internet rootser...

The Life of Kenneth Brill: A Tribute to the Father of the Data Center Industry [Infographic]

Kenneth G. Brill, Founder, Uptime Institute,  passed away earlier this month. Mr. Brill pioneered several innovations in the  data center industry over the past 25 years, including  dual power, the industry’s Tier system for evaluating and classifying data center facility performance, and IT/facility energy efficiency and productivity measurement. His research  into the economic meltdown of Moore’s Law, data center productivity and energy efficiency, and IT’s declining economics have had a a major impact on the data center performance and sustainability. The infographic below by Who Is Hosting This takes a unique look at the life Mr. Brill and examines the legacy he left behind.

An Infographic: How Safe is Your Website from Hackers?

What do an outdated image re-sizer, US Bank, and computer hacking have in common?  In 2012, this well-known bank fell victim to computer hackers due to an old WordPress plug-in. Hacking is a problem affecting millions of webmasters per year. 648,000,000 websites fall prey to hackers, due to some common neglect and vulnerabilities, that include: Using cheap hosting companies. Hosting outdated plug-ins. Maintaining poor or weak passwords. Leveraging out-of-date platforms, extensions, and third-party services. A number of weaknesses allow hackers access to your website’s operations and content, potentially halting or ruining present business affairs. Joomla and WordPress are among hacker-favorited sites, with almost half of the web’s top 100 blogs using WordPress for content management.  Hein...

An Infographic: Magic Lantern, a Keystroke Logging Software Developed by the FBI

Magic Lantern is keystroke logging software developed by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation. Variously described as a virus and a Trojan horse, it can be installed remotely, via an e-mail attachment or by exploiting common operating system vulnerabilities. It’s unclear whether Magic Lantern would transmit keystrokes it records back to the FBI over the Internet or store the information to be seized later in a raid. The FBI intends to deploy Magic Lantern in the form of an e-mail attachment. When the attachment is opened, it installs a trojan horse on the suspect’s computer. The trojan horse is activated when the suspect uses PGP encryption, often used to increase the security of sent e-mail messages. When activated, the trojan horse will log the PGP passwor...

An Infographic: 99.9% of Domains That Have Six or More Characters Available on the .net Domain

Today, being on the Internet is becoming increasingly important for anyone who thinks of owning a business. The Internet opens up a new world for start-ups, savvy businessman or smart entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the opportunity to spread their business globally. After deciding the business model, the next thing on the agenda is to finalise an interesting name for the business so that it can be easily searched by people and at the same time, relates to the nature of the business. And then follows the urge to acquire an Internet domain name for the company at the earliest. For people with innovative business ideas, there are millions of possibilities for the website to be hosted on the world’s best domains, such as .com and .net – yes, it is not as difficult as one thinks to get ...

An Infographic: Understanding Identity theft, Computer viruses and General Internet safety

OpenCollege recently developed this go-to resource on Cyber Safety, which is a compilation of various internet safety tips and tricks one needs to be aware with while surfing the web. Covering many sensitive issues of our times including Cyber bullying, Identity theft, Plagiarism, Computer viruses and General Internet safety, this infographic is very well-researched, detailed, interactive, and most importantly, informative. Have a look:

An Infographic: Is Cloud Based Security Right For Your Company’s Web and Email Systems?

An implementation checklist for Cloud security with in-depth analysis of its modus operandi, merits and options available:

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