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Google’s new project to focus on human side of AI

Google recently announced a new research initiative to study the relationship between human and artificial intelligence – People + AI Research Initiative (PAIR). PAIR aims to ensure that AI technology...Read More

Microsoft Inspire 2017 – focus is on simplicity and consolidation of services this year

The day 1 keynote at Microsoft Inspire 2017 led by the company’s CEO – Satya Nadella, saw some major announcements revolving around new products and services driven by digital transformation. The two-...Read More

DHN team at Microsoft Inspire – here’s what partners can expect this year

Microsoft’s biggest partner event – Microsoft Inspire, began yesterday with a welcome reception. DHN team present at the event saw a huge gathering of people coming from globally spread regions. The e...Read More

Google ramps up G Suite security console

Google recently announced a new security feature – OAuth apps whitelisting, for its G Suite customers. The feature will provide better visibility and power in hands of the customers, allowing them to ...Read More

Microsoft Workplace Analytics tool to help organizations boost productivity

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of its big data analytical tool – Workplace Analytics, designed to give C-level executives an understanding of employee productivity across ...Read More

PwC report evaluates AI potential, how a business can capitalize AI & its impact on world economy by 2030

Artificial Intelligence based technologies will contribute nearly $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, per a report published by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). Of the contribution, $6.6 tril...Read More

Microsoft to soon include Azure in FastTrack

Microsoft recently made an announcement that its FastTrack program will cover its leading cloud offering – Azure, from 1st August 2017. Microsoft’s FastTrack program was introduced to help custo...Read More

ZNetLive To Add Hybrid Cloud Solution Based on Microsoft Azure Stack to Its Product Portfolio

Hybrid Cloud based on Azure Stack Solution to help users flexibly deploy, manage and migrate workloads while retaining full control across complete cloud environment via client portal. ZNetLive –...Read More

Increasing cyber-attacks – are we heading towards cyber doom?

The recent Petya ransomware tragedy that struck the computer systems worldwide, is the second largest cyber-attack after the WannaCry Ransomware that had hit the world last month. The recent attack hi...Read More

Box and Microsoft partnership paves way for future innovation with Azure intelligent cloud services

With Box Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announcing a partnership, future integration possibilities between Azure’s machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities with cloud content management platfo...Read More

Infographic – iPhone in Numbers – 10 Year Anniversary

One of the world’s most popular and loved mobile phones – iPhone, is very close to completing a decade. Since its launch on 29th June, 2007 iPhone has attracted huge positive customer response m...Read More

AI based technologies offer new possibilities across business operations

In many respects, 2017 so far, has been the year of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data and computing power. With algorithms, that can hear and see beyond human accuracy, the ...Read More

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