10Web raises $2M to automate WordPress website building and hosting

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10Web, a startup that automates website hosting and building with AI, announced a $2M funding round for its Automated WordPress Platform from Sierra Ventures and AI Fund.

The story of 10Web began in 2011 when a small team of engineers led by Arto Minasyan founded a WordPress plugin company that grew into a successful business with 1 million users. This experience really helped Arto, serial entrepreneur and co-founder, Krisp, and his team in identifying the biggest problems in web development.

“Tens of millions of WordPress websites are built every year, and an average website launch takes 5 weeks! We wanted to bring automation to WordPress development to facilitate and speed up this process,” states 10Web’s CEO Tigran Nazaryan.

The team of 10Web has found three key challenges in WordPress web development.

“The first problem is that developing a WordPress website is mostly manual work. The second problem is the low PageSpeed score which leads to a bad SEO performance and ineffective ads. Another problem is shared hostings.”

10Web provides three solutions to the problems:

1. AI Website Builder. On entering the URL, customers can make a WordPress website with the same design that is built by AI algorithms without copying a single line of the original site’s code. The resulting website is customizable, responsive, optimized, and hosted on 10Web.

2. Better PageSpeed score. Websites that are hosted on 10Web can automatically get a 90+ score on  Google PageSpeed, enabling them to rank higher and grow conversions.

3. Higher uptime. The automated hosting of 10Web’s is based on Google Cloud infrastructure with 99.99% uptime, security scans, automated backups, fixes and updates.

“Templatizing a live website is quite difficult to do from a technical perspective as it requires successfully preserving the functionality of web pages with optimization. This is more challenging than optimizing a pure HTML page. The 10Web team’s deep technical expertise has enabled them to ‘crack the code’ for allowing users to effortlessly create high-quality and dynamic sites which is an exciting innovation for anyone looking to easily create a website,” said Ben Yu, Managing Partner of Sierra Ventures.

10Web offers premium features at the price of shared hosting. One hosted website costs only $10/mo.

“WordPress has become the leading standard for creating websites.  We are bullish that 10Web will become the platform of choice for anyone building, hosting, and maintaining those sites,” said Perry Wu, General Partner of AI Fund. “10Web has built an innovative, no-code solution utilizing artificial intelligence to automate website porting and creation.  They make building a website on WordPress even easier, opening what is already a massive market to a much broader audience.“

By providing a comprehensive automated solution for the agencies and developers, 10Web has the potential to build a solid foundation for further company growth.

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