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MilesWeb Launches Rs.1 Campaign to Help Customers Tackle Fluctuating Exchange Rates

Indian web hosting provider MilesWeb today announced its ‘Rs. 1 campaign’, which will provide customers with web hosting for Rs.1.00 for the first month.

The Rs.1 campaign will make web hosting cheap and affordable for the people who prefer hosting in the US /UK. The web hosting customers from US and UK will benefit from this campaign as the overall web hosting expenses are significantly reduced. It is an initiative for the global customers who are paying for web hosting servers in dollars and pounds.
– Amit Deshpande, CEO, MilesWeb.

The campaign aims to help individuals and businesses keep their hosting budget under control in wake of the current sky rocketing exchange rate of dollar and pound.

The web hosting industry is one of the prominent industries that has got affected as a result of the steep depreciation in the value of rupee. As the rates of dollar and pound increase, Indian web hosting customers have to pay a higher price for international web hosting solutions.

The  ‘Rs. 1 campaign’  will help those who prefer web hosting in India and also ones who want web hosting in US/UK.  Individuals can continue to host their website in US/Europe by migrating to MilesWeb while paying in INR.

MilesWeb’s web hosting is available in four packages; Beginner, Premium, Advanced and Ultra; with 500 MB, 1 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB Disk Space and 5 GB, 10 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth respectively.

Additional specs of the plans are as shown below:

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

Here is more information on MilesWeb’s Rs.1 campaign.

Earlier this year, MilesWeb launched a new range of dedicated server offerings.

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