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Leveraging Cloud Computing to Take Advantage of an Opportunity

You might have heard the idiom “Make hay while the sun shines”. The basic philosophy behind the saying is that it is best to cash in on an opportunity when the time is right. A little delay and you might not get another chance at it.

This holds true for businesses as well. Often you are given a chance to prove yourself and make a mark which could open doors for your future growth. But to be able to do this you need to be prepared and be aware as to how you deal with any sudden opportunity that comes your way.

Often business owners do come across a situation which they can leverage to kick-start their growth but it is not always possible to do so for many businesses due to various reasons. One may not be expecting such an increase or there might be lack of resources which might prevent one from meeting the increased demand by customers.

The other day I went to my usual coffee shop only to find it that it was closed so I decided to try the other shop nearby and like me there were many others who also came there as their favorite shop was closed. This was a very good opportunity for the shop owner to give the best service and attract customers to visit again. However, due to the sudden rise in demand there was lots of chaos and the orders took a lot of time which disappointed many customers who would have visited again if they were given good service.

The same thing applies to your website as well. If you get sudden visitors to your website and it is not able to withstand the spike in traffic then your visitors would be disappointed and go to another site. Your only chance to prove your worth is gone and you leave a bad impression on your visitors. Where you could have attracted many new visitors you have suffered. The main cause of this problem is the shortage of resources. If you had sufficient resources available to manage the load on the site then it would  have been a totally different story.

Here is when Cloud Computing can save you. Since you cannot afford to have high configuration server due to a limited budget you end up compromising. On the other hand, using a cloud server would help you meet the increased demand effectively without the high cost. Since you have an occasional rise in traffic the resources are used only when needed and as a result you have to pay for that particular period only allowing you to save a lot of cost.

Thus, with the cloud server hosting you have the dual advantage of getting resources as and when you need and meeting the increased demand so you can take full advantage of the opportunity when it comes. Secondly, you need not pay a huge amount of money  for such resources since you are billed only for the occasion when the resources are actually utilized. As a result, you get the resources when you need and your website would not crash and you would keep getting more visitors and in turn more business.

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