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Intel Unveils New Data Center Product Portfolio Focused at Cloud Service Providers

Intel Corporation today unveiled a portfolio of datacenter products and technologies focused at cloud service providers.

Intel first announced its plans to “re-architect the data center” a few weeks earlier  at a  press event in San Francisco.

The new product line is aimed at helping “cloud providers significantly increase utilization, drive down costs and provide compelling and consistent experiences to consumers and businesses,” says the official press release.

The Intel Atom C2000 processor family

The portfolio includes the second generation 64-bit Intel Atom C2000 product family of system-on-chip (SoC) designs for microservers and cold storage platforms (code named “Avoton”) and for entry networking platforms (code named “Rangeley”).

These new SoCs are the company’s first products based on the Silvermont micro-architecture, the new design in its 22nm Tri-Gate SoC process.

The new Intel Atom C2000 product family features up to eight cores, a range of 6 to 20Watts TDP, integrated Ethernet and support for up to 64 gigabytes (GB) of memory, eight times the previous generation.

1&1 web-hosting has tested Intel Atom C2000 SoCs and plans to deploy them in its entry-level dedicated hosting services next quarter.

Intel is delivering 13 specific models with customized features and accelerators that are optimized for particular lightweight workloads such as entry dedicated hosting, distributed memory caching, static web serving and content delivery to ensure greater efficiency.

The designs allow Intel to expand into new markets like cold storage and entry-level networking.

Intel Atom Processor C2000 Product Family

Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon

Intel also introduced the Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon which, when combined with the WindRiver Open Network Software suite, brings 2.5GbE, high-density, low latency, Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions to servers for improved density and lower power.

Switches using the new Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon can connect up to 64 microservers, providing up to 30 percent  higher node density. They are based on Intel Open Network Platform reference design announced earlier this year.

Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon

Rack Scale Architecture Demo

The company also demonstrated the first operational Intel Rack Scale Architecture (RSA)-based rack with Intel  SiliconPhotonics Technology in combination with the disclosure of a new MXC connector and ClearCurve optical fiber developed by Corning  with requirements from Intel.

By sending photons over a thin optical fiber instead of electrical signals over a copper cable, the new technologies are capable of transferring massive amounts of data at unprecedented speeds over greater distances.

The transfers can be as fast as 1.6 terabits per second at lengths up to 300 meters throughout the datacenter.

Intel’s RSA design provides the ability to provision or logically compose resources based on application specific workload requirements. It will also allow for the easier replacement and configuration of components when deploying cloud computing, storage and networking resources.

Microsoft is collaborating with Intel to innovate on its  RSA rack design and  bring  better utilization, economics and flexibility to its datacenters.

Here is more information on Intel’s products and service announcements made today.

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