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Five Important Things to Consider Before Moving Data to Cloud

There are various advantages to moving application to the cloud and it ultimately leads to a flexible and efficient system. It is simpler to move application to the cloud but is it the same with the application data as well? Is the cloud platform reliable enough to call for a migration?

Before you decide to jump ship and get over the cloud you need to assess your requirements and co-relate those to your business objectives in order to have a better idea about what’s the best way for your business.

Here are the essential things that you need to look at before you take the leap:

The most concerned area of the cloud is it’s security. Will your data be safe with the provider? Will it be encrypted when being transferred and when stored? Will there be enough security measures taken to protect your data? These are some question you need to answer when you think of a cloud service provider.

When thinking of a cloud platform it is mandatory to see if it is reliable or not. What is the uptime being promised and can it meet your business needs? If the cloud service cannot meet your business requirements and fails to deliver on its promises then it would reflect on your business badly and you would have to deal with the clients.

Keeping an eye on the performance of the cloud is essential in order to identify issues beforehand and fix those so that there are no problems later. There must be clarity on what would be taken care of by the cloud provider. See to it that they monitor the disk utilization, I/O, Load balancing functionality and the CPU thresholds on a regular basis.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster can strike anytime. And you must be prepared to get back up and have your data safe so you do not have any problems getting things back to normal. You should make sure that the cloud provider has a remote backup data center which would keep your data safe from any disaster in the locality. And see if what kind of backup policy they have and how frequently do they take backups of your data.

A cloud solution is aimed at making the system flexible, omnipresent and at the same time economical as well. When you choose a cloud solution have a look at the pricing structure and see if it fits your budget or not. Would it be feasible for you to move your application and data to the cloud without burning a hole in your pocket?

Wrapping things up: Although essential, these are not the only factors that you must consider when you start seeing your business processes in the cloud. You must also look for any other factor that according to you would play a major role in your business continuity and then decide on a particular cloud computing service.

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