Benefits of a Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting can be termed as the supreme kind of web hosting most suitable for large resource intensive websites that receive many visitors, as well as for people and businesses who cannot afford breakdown and wants stable service that is more reliable than other types of web hosting, such as shared website hosting and VPS hosting.

Since one does not have to share the server with anyone else and can make a complete use of the server resources it also ensures the smooth working of a large traffic website as well as its uptime.

In order to use a dedicated server, it must be ensured that one has the necessary knowledge to be able to administrate the server with ease. In most cases it is up to you to keep the server up to date and secure, to ensure that hackers and other malicious attackers aren’t able to gain access to it and exploit it.

Dedicated Resources

The foremost advantage of having a dedicated server is that all the resources are utilised by the one who owns the server. If the website is a resource dominated website, or an application or service that requires high specification hardware, one can ensure the uninterrupted processing of that website.

With a dedicated server you have your own CPU which is always available for your use.

Unlike VPS hosting where one has a dedicated amount of RAM and bandwidth, in dedicated server hosting the amount of RAM can always be upgraded.

Having a dedicated server also ensures the performance and reliability that cannot be affected by anyone else. The only way that it can get affected is if someone attacks the network which your dedicated server is connected to.

Stability of the website

If your website is visited by a large number of people or is mission critical then it’s important for you to have dedicated server hosting.  It confirms the stability which isn’t provided with lower range hosting packages such as shared website hosting and VPS hosting. One might encounter problem in his website due to the activities of neighbour websites resting on the same server in a shared hosting or on might not be able to avail all the resources guaranteed in VPS hosting, but with dedicated hosting one can always guarantee the availability and reliability of the website.

Administrator Access

Dedicated server hosting enables the root/administrator access to the dedicated server. With the control as administrator you can install any software you want or host a website or an application and do needful activities within your dedicated server. It allows one to customize it according to the requirements.

One can also carry out custom configurations of certain programs with root/administrator access, and easily change the configuration of a certain program if needs be. With root/administrator access, you can also easily manage and view the server resources and monitor them to take necessary action if a resource was to get overloaded which could cause the server to crash.

Your own IP address
in shared hosting the websites share a single IP address, with site traffic directed by the server examining `host headers’. Having a dedicated server you can have your own unique IP address.

Quick Priority Support

Priority support is one reason that many people choose to shift to dedicated server hosting, since the kind of support provided by web hosting companies for the lower end packages such as shared hosting or a VPS.

If your web hosting provider provides support for dedicated server customers, you will be able to get support for almost anything quicker than you would be able to with other types of web hosting.


Thus to ensure that the website is always up and about for a large number of visitors who daily visit your website, one must always go for dedicated server hosting.


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