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audriga Launches Migration Service From Microsoft Exchange to Open-Xchange

Cloud migration company audriga today announced the availability of a web-based service to migrate groupware accounts from Microsoft Exchange to Open-Xchange.

Available at, the service allows users to transfer all their emails, contacts, appointments, and tasks from existing Hosted Exchange mailboxes to an Open-Xchange account.

audriga’s migration solution does not require any upfront software installation.

audriga will demonstrate the migration service at the Open-Xchange Summit in Hamburg on September 26.

To become the future of IT, cloud services must be available in a free marketplace, which ensures can move at any time to the provider of their choice with the best services. With the new auriga service we get a lot closer to this marketplace.
– Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange.

Currently, audriga´s service enables users only to migrate from one Open-Xchange provider to another, which makes it easier for users to switch to another hosting provider or for companies to outsource their groupware server.

The extended service also enables the migration from other groupware platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, or Zimbra to Open-Xchange.

A special feature is the cross migration of user data between different systems. Thus, users are no longer locked into the offering of single providers as they switch easily and fast to their provider of choice at any time using the audriga service.

Hosters can leverage the new service in two different ways:

  • They can offer their customers to keep existing data during the onboarding process.
  • They can easily migrate large amounts of mailboxes when changing their hosting infrastructure.

Here is more information on audriga Open-Xchange migration.

Open-Xchange yesterday announced that Phil Zimmermann, the creator of  Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) email encryption software will kick-off OX Summit 2013 on September 26 in Hamburg with his keynote “The NSA Revelations: Implications to Democratic Institutions and Personal Liberties”.

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