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Assessing the Internet of the 21st Century: Introducing Data Exchanges

The internet has evolved a lot since it was first launched – to the extent that if people were presented with the original version, they wouldn’t recognize it! Now we have a platform that is used daily by people and business all around the world. We have moved on from dial-up connections to broadband to fibre connections and there is no reason to think it will stop there.

The Telecoms Business is responsible for the access we now enjoy but there is another trend setting in for businesses that must be taken seriously – the Data Centres. Whether done in-house or through an outsourced business, such as Next Connex, it is important to make the right decision.

Looking forward

The future of internet access for businesses is in locating the servers in a Data Centre and connecting to it with a dedicated fibre connection. This means there is one connection to access the internet, the server and files. Not only will this require less maintenance, but it is easier for the less technically minded to understand and use.

Data Centres are already changing, with Data Exchanges looking set to take over and provide access to a much wider range of managed service providers such as hosted VoIP, applications, Software-as-a-Service and many more. This integration offers businesses a greater scope of tools and resources to remain ahead of their competition.

Connectivity is just as important for a business as this integration will be. Businesses operating in multiple sites should have access to the same resources and files to ensure a seamless working environment at all times. Data Exchanges will make this possible in a way that Data Centres weren’t equipped or designed to do, and Next Connex is ready to take advantage of this switch.

“We can add a circuit or increase bandwidth in a very short amount of time, almost the same day. The only bottleneck will be the cross-connect service in the Data Exchange,” comments Mark Fitchew, CEO, Next Connex.

Making the right choice

Choosing the right Data Centre, and the right Data Exchange in the future, is a very important decision for any business and it should be reviewed regularly. As the demand for core services across the whole business increase, this provides an opportunity to ensure the business has everything needed to push forward.

Data Centres need to be up-to-date at all times to ensure maximum efficiency and keeps business coming in. If the technology is out-dated or the price is too high, businesses will look elsewhere.

The expansion of Data Centres affects location, cool, power usage, efficiency and more and it is important to always find the best data centres to suit the business. “For us, the goal is to provide highly flexible fibre connections with short installation lead times to Data Exchanges throughout the UK.” Bob Griffiths, the Managing Director of Next Connex adds.

This is a crucial decision for any business. Choosing the wrong service will bring problems for the business as well as the customers and clients that could have negative results. Invest the time to find the best options and don’t be afraid to make a change if they can’t keep up with the growth of the business.

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