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5 Web Designing Essentials For Increasing The Website Traffic

Every blogger expects an impressive amount of traffic on the blog. A blog that is devoid of traffic is not useful either in terms of gaining traffic or in terms of generating online revenue. In order to obtain organic and targeted visitors to your blog, it is crucial to know the search engine optimization techniques and utilize them properly for getting better incoming traffic. In this direction, it is important that one keeps constantly updating the knowledge.

Having said that, it is also true that a person always has a scope for setting up the blog and positioning it at a better place in the search engines. Apart from the search engine optimization techniques, you can also use some simple web designing tips that will help you to secure a better position.

Here are some simple and efficient web designing tips that will help you to get an impressive traffic for the website:

Replace the background images with CSS3 backgrounds:

If there are a lot of images on the website, they chew a lot of bandwidth, thereby slowing down your website. In almost all the cases the background images can be replaced with attractive CSS3 gradients that use little space and look great. It is not necessary to know a lot about CSS3 before you start using it. You will find CSS gradient generator tools online that will help you to copy and paste the new CSS code in your own style sheets and you can add them in the website.

Replace images with text:

Does your website use an image in place of the site title? Are images used to display written information? Images are large and at times they hide the important SEO information from the search engines. It’s alright to use an image as the header text for the visitors, however it is not good for the search engines as they can’t read the images like we can. Preferably, you can convert the text images into header text (i.e. H1 H2 H3, etc) containing the important SEO keywords and phrases. It is important to ensure that you refrain from keyword stuffing. If the appropriate keywords are used, you will notice improvements in the page rank and search engine rankings.

Responsive web design:

This is the time when along with the desktop sites it is important to have a mobile website as well. As the number of smart phone and tablet users increase, this will have to be done by all the bloggers and businesses. In the near future, mobile access to internet is going to outpace the PC’s. With a responsive web design, people will be able to access the website from their mobiles, desktop’s or tablets and the screen resolution will be perfect as a responsive design adjusts the website resolution with the screen resolution. This results in increased readability.

Need For Speed:

Page speed and performance of the website is taken seriously by Google and you should also do the same. There are 2 main ways of speeding up the website page:

  • Reduce the time taken for creating a page on the server
  • Reduce the amount of data transferred from the server to the browser

These 2 factors can be accomplished by having a good web hosting platform that has the capacity of supporting your website. The web hosting platform you select is the most crucial investment for your website. If the visitors/readers want to see something on your website and if the web page takes ages to load, then they will not keep waiting. Even if you are getting good traffic, you will not be able to sustain it if your website is slow.

Provide clear navigation:

On page time is an important criterion as far as search engine ranking is concerned, so anything that can keep a visitor on site will help, navigation also has an important role in this. A clear and consistent navigation determines the success of the website. Information must be accessible from all parts of the website. When the visitors arrive on your website for the first time, they scan the top of the website therefore it is beneficial to place the most important navigation links there. Similarly, the footer is also a valuable place that attracts a lot of readability; important links can be placed there as well.

A lot can be achieved through an efficient web design. Along with search engine optimization, if you implement these strategies as well, greater benefits can be achieved.

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